See Clearly

"I have used many different CRM systems over the years, including Act, SalesLogix, Siebel, SAP CRM and Microsoft Dynamics CRM absolutely tops them all. The user interface is very intuitive and easy to learn, the integration with other Microsoft business applications such as Outlook is incredible, and the breadth of functionality can easily acccommodate all of our company's expansion plans and more. All it took was a little training and we were productive within hours. I think Microsoft Dynamics CRM is the solution everyone should be watching and evaluating in this space of going forward if they've had enough of difficult implementations, and just want their organization to be best-positioned for success."

John Lusty, President, Tidefall Software and Services Inc., Calgary
Is your Business Running Blind? Dominic Systems leverages the power of Microsoft Dynamics CRM to remove the blindfold and help you See Clearly.

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Sales Marketing Customer Service
  • Who are your top sales people?
  • How are you prioritizing prospects?
  • What is your sales forecast?
  • Which campaigns are generating the most leads?
  • Which marketing efforts provide the best ROI?
  • What are your high risk customer service issues?
  • How do you increase customer service with less resource?